Gaius Valerius Tombstone


Artist: Unknown
Period: Romano-British
Material: Stone
Location: The Collection, Lincoln
Inscription: 'G(aius) Valerius G(ai) f(ilius) | Maec(ia tribu) mil(es) leg(ionis) | IX sign(ifer) c(enturiae) Hospitis | ann(orum) XXXV stip(endiorum) XIIII | t(estamento) p(oni) i(ussit) | h(ic) [s(itus) e(st)]. Translates as 'Gaius Valerius, son of Gaius, of the Maecian voting tribe, soldier of the Ninth Legion, standard bearer of the century of Hospes, aged 35, of 14 years service, left instructions in his will for this to be set up. Here he lies.
Object Number: LCNCC : 1909.252
Physical Dimensions:
Object length: 87 cm
Object width: 11.7 cm